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Health and safety information

Commitment to Cleanliness and Sanitation

What we are doing

  • Our restaurants have always been the benchmark of cleanliness and we have helped to set the standard in our profession.
  • We have developed comprehensive checklists to ensure we are meeting or exceeding state and county requirements. 
  • We are wiping down surfaces frequently using anti-bacterial / anti-viral cleaner.
    • High Touch areas receiving our continual attention
      • High-volume work areas
      • All hand sinks
      • Swing doors
      • POS computer screens
      • Espresso / coffee machine 
      • Bathroom attendants will sanitize our facilities 
  • We provide our employees with the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), including: 
    • KITCHEN: Face shields and /or face coverings, disposable single-use gloves, impermeable aprons, hand sanitizer and goggles for dishwashers
    • SERVICE: face coverings or face shields, disposable single-use gloves (where appropriate) and hand sanitizer
  • Our restaurants are stocked with ample PPE and each station is equipped to minimize traveling throughout the restaurant.
  • Our teams are trained in CDC guidelines. All restaurant and bakery employees who prepare and serve food are certified in safe food handling as mandated by each state.
  • Our commitment to this responsibility is rooted in new policies. Our PPE policy solidifies staff accountability.
  • All employees must complete a short online wellness screening before beginning work each day to make sure that no sick employees - or any who may have higher risk for COVID from outside contacts - are working.
  • While we would normally love to pull out your chair for you, we will leave that up to you for the time being.
  • Doors (and windows at Ad Hoc) will be kept open to increase room air circulation.

What we ask of you

  • Please disinfect or wash your hands frequently, including after you cough or sneeze, after using the restroom, and before and after contacting high-touch items. Sanitizer stations will be set up at host stands and other convenient locations.
  • Please refrain from unnecessarily touching items or fixtures in the restaurant when waiting for or walking to your table.

What we ask of our employees 

  • Lead by example and maintain the highest level of personal hygiene. Hold others accountable.
  • Be vigilant in enforcing health and safety procedures and cleaning schedules.
  • Be meticulously observant and intentional in adopting these new and important routines.
  • Stay home when sick and safeguard the well-being of colleagues and our guests. Stay current with developing health and safety guidelines and work with the upper management team to update standard operating procedures.
  • Change face coverings frequently, particularly when returning from breaks or when perspiring.
  • Face shields should be sanitized prior to every shift or if they have collected moisture of any kind.
  • Disposable gloves must be worn by Bouchon Bakery retail teams when:
    • Product handling
    • Stocking product
    • Facilitating guest payment options
    • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Change disposable gloves whenever changing tasks or returning from breaks. Please note that glove use does not replace the need for frequent hand washing.
  • We are encouraging staff to do its part in helping to minimize spread by receiving a vaccination and we are providing paid time away to support this.